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Making games to save the world!

Here at OTG we aim to make the best possible games we can in order to further our goals as game developers and give family, friends, and gamers everywhere fun games to enjoy.


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Our Team

Keith Vanartsdalen
Project Lead
I plan to focus my concentration in art and the business aspects of the industry. I am the Project Lead of Eternal Chaos. I Enjoy working with the team because we can have fun in class and make jokes, yet still be able to accomplish our goals. My dream job is to work for Bethesda Game Studios. My favorite video games are: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Halo 3, Hearthstone The best thing about being a Game Designer is being able to take a creative idea and bring it to life.
Nick Acevedo
Tech Lead
My major is Video Game Design and Development. My role is being tech lead,making sure everything on the technical side of the game is on the right track and I compose the soundtrack/sound effects. What I like about OTG is that they all have a strong drive to create video games My future goals is to become a voice actor and work for Sony. My favorite game is the Yakuza Series.100% creative freedom is the best thing about game design.
Manny Ferreira
Art Lead
I am the Art team lead for Off the Grid games and I am majoring in Game Design. What I like the most about my fellow team members is that everyone is able to have fun while getting work done. In the future, I hope to continue my career into doing art for video games. My favorite games are Halo: CE, Fallout 3, and Grand Theft Auto 5. And the best part about being a game designer is working with creative people to make games that are fun and entertaining.
Collin Powell
Omega Lead
I’m the Omega Lead for our current project. I wrote our game’s story, I handle all team finances, and I’m also in charge of making the card game. I like working with everyone on OTG games because we have good chemistry and work well together. In the future I would like to write stories for games and come up with game concepts. My favorite game franchise is the Fallout series. The best part about game design is bringing an idea to life and showing it to the world, very rewarding.
Josh Bonto
I am a major in game design and computer science. I’m a dedicated programmer for OTG who does anything from writing scripts to setting up objects in the engine. I enjoy working with my team members because they’re fun people who are competent at their jobs. My favorite game is Fallout New Vegas, and the Super Smash Bros series. What I enjoy about being a game designer is taking an active role in the game design process and creating something I enjoy.
Tyler Capner
I am majoring dual majoring in both game design and computer science where I hope to start my own company from the ground and also write novels on the side. For OTG I create different scripts on the tech side and debug the game. I play basically every genre game from JRPGs to first person shooters, but my favorite series is the Batman Arkham Series. Lastly, I feel that as a game designer I am able to be my own creative free person.
Kevin Collins
My major is Game Design. I do programming and some design for OTG. In the future I hope to be able to break into the industry either as a solo/indie dev,. Everyone at OTG is good at contributing ideas and work for our projects. My favorite game of all time is Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. My favorite thing about being a game designer is that I’m potentially able to make something that might be special to someone else in the same way a lot of my favorite games are very special to me.
Zena Colville
The major that I am currently in is Game Design but I plan to switch to Interactive Media at another school. What I do on the team is art and layouts. What I like about my fellow team members is that they are nice and are always laughing. I plan or hope to be able to assist in the design of hidden object strategy games, mostly with backgrounds and layouts of the games. The best thing about being a game designer is bringing an idea in your head to life in a game.
Brandon Guerrero
I am a Game Design Major. I am in the art team making assets and some sound. My goal would be to become an indie developer. Everyone is pretty friendly and easy to talk to. Everyone here is able to put the work in to hold their own. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was my inspiration to become a game developer. I enjoy the variety of work being a game developer brings.
Matt Horner
My major is Game Design. I do various art task for OTG. My favorite thing about working in OTG is the ability to hear other game designers’ opinions and ideas about my work. In the future, I want to start out working for a big game company and then branch off to create my own indie company. My favorite videogame of all time is Borderlands 2. The thing I love most about being a game designer is that I’m creating something that I can be proud of and I get to see other people enjoying the things I have created.
Tyler Michaud
I am a member of the Art Team for OTG. My favorite video game is Half-Life 2. My Major in college is Game Design. I like how my team members give me lots of advice. The best part of being a Game Designer for OTG is that I am learning the process of creating a video game. My future plans are to create my own video games.
Jeff Moritz
Omega Team
Majoring in Game Design and Computer Graphics. Handles play testing as well as some design aspects outside of the game. Fellow team members are aspiring individuals who have a bountiful love for buttons. Future aspirations include obtaining a job in entertainment that includes game design elements. Favorite video games are from the Halo Series, Borderlands Series, and also Kantai Collection on the weekends. Best part of being a game designer is talking to others of course.
Adam Myers
I am an Art Team member for Off The Grid. Some of my favorite games are League of Legends and World of Warcraft. My team OTG is extremely friendly and hardworking. Being a game designer allows me to be involved in something I have a passion for and talk to those who share my interest. I hope to move on from OTG and join the industry to create amazing games.

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